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Disaster Readiness


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is committed to excellence in health care, providing coverage to nearly 3 million members as the leading health insurer in the state. Our company is taking a proactive approach for disaster readiness, which includes making preparations to administer proper coverage of care and facilitate access to care during a disaster, while supporting our employees, business partners, and the community.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts plans to play a critical role in the event of a disaster as both a health plan and a community leader. We've invested significant efforts in preparation for responding to a large scale disaster, such as a hurricane, terrorist act, or pandemic.

In the event of a disaster, our focus will be to accomplish six corporate priorities:

  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees

  • Enable continued access to care for our members

  • Maintain financial stability in order to continue to administer care

  • Support constituents with information

  • Recover and normalize business operations

  • Support community-based response and recovery efforts

Key business partners, such as providers and brokers, will look to our company for help in handling increases in care visits and inquiries. State and local leaders will look to our company to play a role in the response to and recovery from any significant event, and as a trusted resource for the public. Our company has policies in place to support our accounts, members, business partners, and community leaders and representatives. Given the possibility that a disaster could occur at any time, we're strengthening our capabilities to facilitate members' access to emergency care, prescription refills, assistance locating a doctor, and more.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will be aggressive in its continuing efforts to address issues of response time, effectiveness, and maintaining leadership in a disaster. By continuing our disaster planning efforts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is better prepared to respond to any disaster for the benefit of our employees, customers, and community.